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Patriots! Tell Senator Collins and the RINO HERD to Stop the Stampede on Our Constitution!


By now, most of you probably know Senator Susan Collins has yet again turned her back on us, her base.

We must continue to tell Senator Collins we are unhappy with her politics.

Yesterday, Senator Collins joined with ALL Senate Democrats to reject halting the impeachment trial against former President Trump. Only four other Senate Republicans joined Senator Collins in this unconstitutional maneuver.

The four other Republicans joining Senator Collins are familiar faces: Sen. Lisa Murkowski(R) of Alaska, Sen. Mitt Romney(R) of Utah, Sen. Ben Sasse(R) of Nebraska and Sen. Pat Toomey(R)of Pennsylvania.

It seems this very familiar block of Republicans now move together as one voting mind, in unison much like the socialist “Squad.”

This must STOP! We sent Senator Collins to Washington to be an independent thinking Mainer, not a cog in the collective RINO HERD mind.

Senator Collins, it is time to put America and our United States Constitution first!

As we all know, President Trump left office on January 20th and is no longer the sitting President of the United States.

Never before has America carried out a Senate Impeachment trial against a non sitting United States President. Trying a non sitting President in the Senate is unconstitutional as Article 1 Section 3 instructs:

“When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside:

Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office.”

The current Impeachment trial Senator Collins and the RINO HERD are chasing after sets a dangerous precedent for America, opening the door for both endless division making and the impeachment of past and future non sitting presidents.

Senator Collins’ and the RINO HERD’s unconstitutional pursuit are further inflaming this Nation’s polarized passions, resulting in deeper divides.

Tell Senator Collins and the RINO HERD to stop the stampede, place her disdain of President Trump aside and work for our United States Constitution.

Follow this link for Senator Collin contact info:

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